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VEX robotics course

Learn while having fun

We make science enjoyable for kids of all ages by boosting their natural inquisitiveness and answering their questions. In our hands-on, interactive sessions, we inspire kids to learn the scientific principles behind technology and question why they are there.

robotics for kids

Discover how things work

We motivate kids to discover the secrets and science behind the technology by giving them projects involving creating exciting diagrams and pictures and stimulate them to use their ideas to design the solutions to real work problems.

problem solving skills

Finding solutions to problems

We engage kids to find out solutions for the problems occurred in everyday devices and challenge them to become more adventurous in the things that they try to do. Our projects involve the interests of children to see the relevance of engineering in their lives.

We Provide Programs for Every Age Group

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Little Inventors - LEGO We Do
Young Inventor - LEGO EV3
Young Inventor - VEX IQ
Advanced Inventor - VEX V5
Young Programmer - Python

Robotics Courses

Lego design course


We offer Lego WeDo for ages 4-7, which will give young children the foundation they need to expand their comprehension later in their education and get a working knowledge of robotics.

Lego programming

Lego We Do

Kindergarten - 1st grade Lego WeDo is usually the best fit for children between 6 and 10; these are the ages where a strong background of robotics knowledge is established, which is critical for a thorough understanding of robotics.

Python programming for kids

Python Programming Language and Computer Programming

Python is one of the more popular programming languages around today. We help your child develop a strong base in the Python language.

Lego robotics

Young Inventors program using LEGO Robotic

Basics of robotic science are taught to children in a very playful and joyful environment.


Young Inventor program using LEGO EV3

Under this program, students will strengthen their grasp of robotics by designing, building, programming, and testing robots.



Middle/High School Students
In this program, students will have hands-on, STEM-oriented sessions that will let them explore the true extent of robotics and how essential it is to everyday life


RobotiX   Brentwood

1722 General George Patton
Dr Suite 500A Brentwood 37027

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