Franklin (TN)

1550 W McEwen Dr Suite 300, Franklin, TN 37067


High School

Each student is different. We customize the curriculum for each student and present them with projects that keep them challenged as well as giving the students many learning opportunities.

Home School

Where: East Brentwood Presbyterian Church
Address: 9000 Concord Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027
Timing: Thursdays 3 - 5 PM
Start Date : October 4th
Programs offered: LEGO EV3 (Basic and Advanced) , VEX IQ

Starting soon: We will be starting another session on Fridays soon.
For More details, please checkout our website : or call us 615-721-2650

LEGO Advanced Robotics

Robotics is nothing more than automation and with programs designed for middle-schoolers, they will learn to design, build, program and test robots. TThese robots can be used for a plethora of simpler tasks like record live data, respond to environmental change and so on.
With these programs, they will also learn how to avoid repetitive mistakes. Seeing the competition in the robotics industry and the way technology is becoming more and more complex with every passing minute, it is imperative for today's children to get a strong background in technology beforehand and become experts with it.

VEX Robotics

We organize VEX IQ classes that are designee modern education system mind to teach students about the basics of STEM fundamentals. Learning these fundamentals at a tender age will help them become a better person and the courses we have contain varying modular curriculum. These curriculums are designed to serve as a companion to the VEX IQ platform and most of them are easily adapted as summer camps for kids.
Kids will get to research on different research driven educational resources that implement high-quality STEM Robotics into classrooms.