Franklin (TN)

405 Duke Dr Suite 210
Franklin 37067


Elementary Students

Each student is different. We customize the curriculum for each student and present them with projects that keep them challenged as well as giving the students many learning opportunities.

Python Programming

Age Group: 7-14 Years
Skill level from basics: Expert
Remote sessions with assignments through google classroom

Weekdays/weekend sessions available
Personalized group setting - Customized Curriculum and Instruction


Elementary Robotics

LEGO Basic Robotics

At RobotiX Institute, students between the ages of 4 and 10 are taught how to operate both simple and powerful machines. Basics of robotic science are taught to children in a lively environment, and allow the student to have lots of fun while learning fundamental concepts. These programs can also be customized to the needs of every individual student, making them the most useful for any given student.
At RobotiX Institute, students can learn various STEM concepts and understand the "How's", "Why's" and "What's" of Engineering and Mathematics.