Franklin (TN)

1550 W McEwen Dr Suite 300, Franklin, TN 37067


Computer Programming

Each student is different. We customize the curriculum for each student and present them with projects that keep them challenged as well as giving the students many learning opportunities.

Python Programming

Age Group: 7-14 Years
Skill level from basics: Expert
Remote sessions with assignments through google classroom

Weekdays/weekend sessions available
Personalized group setting - Customized Curriculum and Instruction



Understanding different programming makes a better programmer and with that in mind, at RobotiX Institute, we are organizing several camps for computer-based learning. Kids will be exposed to easy block programming and several vital programming languages like JavaScript.
They'll be trained to create smaller robots based on animated stories and games while learning programming concepts like PROGRAMMING 101. Furthermore, they will be exposed to many math and programming concepts as they make up their mind to join us.
These short courses and training sessions will help kids develop a "thinking" mind that will help him become a better human being, socially as well as professionally.