Several robotics institutes and classes are being held throughout the country. One of the reasons fuelling their popularity is certainly the immense scope offered by the robotics courses. This is certainly one of the most valuable and enriching things to learn. Several institutes have been established that host classes regarding robotics for kids. Due to the importance and the interactive nature of robotics classes, they have also started to be integrated into school curriculums. One of the best aspects of teaching robotics to students is that it offers a greater engagement and also a much more interactive session than the usual courses that take place. Any robot is a programmable machine or device that can perform tasks on command. They can essentially be programmed to perform a task or set of tasks. 

Robots have also started to become popular due to the reason being that they can venture out and operate in places, which can be life-threatening and dangerous for humans. This is one of the reasons why robots are being extensively used in the defense sector. Especially for weaponry, drones, and bomb-disposal mechanisms, robots have become one of the most important and useful technological innovations. One of the other areas where robots have revolutionized the system is manufacturing and automation. Earlier, manufacturing and automation required factories and workers, while now, robots can perform those jobs much more efficiently. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped it to permeate into several different domains. This increase in the application and use of robots in many different domains and areas has tremendously enhanced the scope of the field. 

Since robotics has become one of the more popular and useful domains, there has been an expected rise in the interest among parents to enroll their children in robotics courses, or in encouraging their children to learn robotics. Due to the constantly increasing scope and range of opportunities, robotics classes are only expected to become more popular in the future. Many academic experts, teachers, and technology experts have also pointed out the role of robotics in encouraging STEM or, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics education. STEM concepts can seem a bit intimidating or too complicated for a child to learn. However, the benefit of taking part in a robotics class is that there, they can learn the intricate and important STEM concepts interactively and engagingly. STEM concepts are highly important to learn as they are highly useful both in the academic and professional domains. Another important benefit of robotics classes is that since robots are essentially programmable machines, the students are required to work in several programming languages. Programming, as we all know, is one of the most in-demand, and popular courses and technological domains. So, when a child wants to build a functioning robot, they also need to be experienced in different programming languages. So that way, a child can become an expert in robotics, as well as in programming while taking part in robotics classes. Many studies have also pointed out the improvement in the critical thinking skills and design capabilities of children when they are enrolled in robotics classes.   

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