There are indeed a wide variety of programming languages that are still in use right now. Many among them have their dedicated crowd of users, programmers, and communities. However, Python programming has become hugely popular in recent years. Industry experts have credited this popularity for many reasons. One of the primary and fundamental reasons for the popularity of the Python language is that it is pretty easy to learn. One of the most intimidating things about learning a new programming language is that they come with its own rules, syntax, grammar, and many more things. Often, it takes a lot of time to just familiarize oneself with the language. However, this is where Python differs. The syntax of Python is modeled closely on the English language, so it reads and writes like it. 

Since the syntax of Python is inherently much simpler to comprehend, it makes it easier for children and adults alike to get interested in the language much more quickly. Python is also free-to-use and that has propelled the creation of a large ecosystem of libraries and packages, it is one of the first languages of choice for new developers. Since the language is not intimidating for people looking to code for the first time, it certainly helps in making the programming language rise to the number one spot. A second among the many benefits of the Python language is that it has a vibrant and large community of supporters. Any programmer requires a lot of essential documentation and support so that if they encounter any unexpected issues, they can at least have some support to go through that challenge.

The support is crucial for any programmer, working with any programming language. This is where Python excels, as its community includes people with a diverse range of skill sets and experiences. Any Python programmer also gets easy access to tons of documentation, guides, tutorials, and many more. The Python community is also by and large, tremendously active. If a programmer faces any challenge or a problem, he/she can brainstorm the solution among the community much faster than in most other programming languages. Another very important reason for the popularity of Python is that its scope of application is very large. Python is used in web development, data analytics, machine learning (ML), data science, data engineering, and artificial intelligence (AI). These are also the domains that are expected to witness rapid growth shortly. With that growth, the number of jobs and opportunities is also slated to increase by a wide margin. This is also one of the reasons why see such huge popularity among parents to enroll their children in Python classes for kids. Since the scope and opportunities for people who are skilled in the Python language are only expected to rise in recent years, it makes sense to enroll children in those classes from a young age to build a strong foundation. That helps them down the line in both their academic and professional domains. The versatile nature of the Python language also makes it one of the go-to choices for most web designers and developers.        


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