The rise of technology has impacted every portion of the population. It has taken over most industries and also multiple domains. With this rise in technology usage and application, coding has also become increasingly prominent. Coding is one of the core areas of technology, and it has also been described as the bedrock of most of the technological progress that we have seen. This is the reason why people have been turning towards coding and have been enrolling their children in coding itself. There are a lot of classes in various institutes that teach computer coding for kids. Teaching computer coding is pretty important in itself. 

The importance of teaching coding from an early age is that it helps in gaining a solid foundation upon which to build. Coding in simple words is the process of communicating with a computer. It’s how we get them to perform tasks that we expect them to. A talented coder can communicate to the computer exactly what it wants and gets several different tasks executed. Coding also includes communicating a wide set of instructions to the computer in a way that it can comprehend. One of the most demanding job roles and also one of the most in-demand job roles right now is coding. There are a lot of coders required in an organization. 

When a child is enrolled in a coding class, what essentially happens is that he/she can get well-versed in programming from such an early age itself. It helps them be better at their other academic subjects and overall curriculum. So, coding does positively affect other areas as well. Also, kids, these days use a variety of applications or apps, for a variety of purposes. They may be academic or simply for entertainment. Although the kids are aware of the front-end of the app or the final result of it, they are not aware of the back-end development part. Every app that is in existence today has been built with code. So, coding gives the kids a glimpse into how those apps that they use so frequently have been developed in the first place. 

It also gives them a clear idea of the mechanism behind the app. This also increases their interest in the subject. Also, in a certain way, coding can just be considered to be a foreign language. Like any foreign language that kids learn in schools, coding is also just another language that they can learn. Also, like languages, a child can choose a coding language for kids among the many different choices available. They can choose any particular coding language and start learning. It has been repeatedly observed that coding fosters creativity. The whole process of coding helps a child to be creative and think of out-of-the-box solutions. This is one of the most important advantages of coding. Coding also requires for a child to frame their thinking and knowledge coherently. This helpful trait of planning and organizing thoughts that are boosted by programming also helps the kids in improving their writing capabilities. So, the benefits of coding are not only limited to the field of technology, but it positively affects other important aspects of a child’s life as well.

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