STEM concepts, or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics concepts feature heavily in all aspects of robotics. Both are intrinsically linked. Robotics has also become one of the most popular domains in technology. It is being adopted and used in a variety of spheres and industries. However, it has often been found that STEM concepts can seem intimidating to young children. Also, another very important factor is that the way they teach those concepts in schools is often not engaging enough for kids. This is partly the reason why we see so many advertisements and a renewed popularity for a STEM robotics summer camp in multiple places. STEM concepts require a much more fun, hands-on, and interactive method of learning. 

STEM education usually refers to the integrated teaching and learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics subjects. Normally, in most institutions, STEM education is taught through real-world examples and hands-on learning methods. Many academic experts concur that STEM learning promotes a curious spirit and instills a need for learning. It has also been observed that STEM learning promotes critical thinking skills and problem-solving capabilities. Now, one might start to wonder about how STEM learning helps a child in the long run, i.e. in their future professional careers. As per modest estimates, there are over 2 million jobs related to STEM that lack a perfect candidate. So, it is evident that there is a demand for professionals well-versed in STEM learning and concepts. 

Now, robotics and STEM concepts are closely related to each other. If someone is good at STEM concepts, they can easily translate that towards their robotics projects. Also, STEM is not just limited to rote learning techniques, but rather it is best taught using hands-on and practical learning methods. Also, one of the reasons why there are so many STEM-related jobs in the market is because the scope of STEM concepts has expanded. Earlier, the main jobs related to the STEM field were mostly focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and cyber security. Now, other important domains have joined the list as well. Also, AI and ML domains have witnessed a lot of changes in recent years, with their use and applicability becoming much more widespread. 

The popularity of robotics and STEM learning can be witnessed at every place. As the summer season approaches, there are going to be an increased number of fliers related to various summer camps being organized. Just the other day, I was browsing the internet to find a suitable summer camp for my nephew, and I found a great summer camp in Franklin for kids, near to where I live. These summer camps are a great place to exchange ideas, take on projects, and start something tangible for the kids. It also offers a great platform for kids to collaborate. Collaboratrobotics classes for kidsion is a very essential life skill that each child must learn and become good at. Collaboration or teamwork is essential to becoming successful in both our academic and professional lives. So, either way, STEM concepts are really important for kids and adults alike.

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