In our present academic system, it is often the case that theoretical learning methods take precedence over hands-on learning methods. This scenario however does not correspond to the professional landscape, where practical knowledge is required much more. This gap could be effectively bridged by learning robotics. Robotics classes could be held parallel to the usual academic classes. It would be a great combination since robotics can then focus solely on imparting hands-on learning along with the theoretical knowledge of the academic classes. 

There are numerous institutes in every area providing robotics classes for kids. Most of those classes are held in a fun and engaging environment to bring out the best in every child. It is very important to make robotics classes as engaging as possible. This is because it promotes the initiative. Robotics also has several benefits that are hardly offered by anything else. Lego robotics classes for one are extremely engaging and relatively simplistic. This is why it can be learned effectively by very young children as young as 4 or 5 years of age. STEM concepts also seem much less intimidating when they are taught using robotics. 

Usually, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Management, or STEM concepts are difficult to comprehend, even more so for children. However, robotics helps in teaching those concepts to children in a much more engaging manner. For example, Lego robotics and programming are essentially very simple. It is the ideal robotics project for a very young child. That way, they have something to build for a specific purpose without going through too many complications. Another important way in which robotics helps children is by providing target-oriented projects. 

Robotics is concerned with building programmable objects to perform a specific function. So, the kids engaging in robotics projects get a goal to work towards. This helps in building their perspective in a very constructive manner. Lego robots are built using Lego building models, the same models that a child uses to play with. So, using those same sets, they can build a working robot. It goes a long way in building their interests in the robotics domain, which can hardly be achieved from anything else. By building robots, they are turning abstract ideas into a functioning reality through their efforts.

Another great importance of robotics as a field is that it helps in improving the coding skills of a child. Most robotics programs stress improving computer coding for kids. Since robotics and programming are pretty closely interlinked, learning one also helps in learning the other. This is hugely important as coding is extremely essential in multiple areas and show huge promise in both the academic and professional sphere. So not only does programming improve other aspects, but it improves how a person employs coding for different purposes as well. Robotics is also known to improve creative thinking and to think about out-of-the-box solutions. Since in any robotics project, a student is likely to encounter lots of different challenges, they need to learn to think of different unique solutions to combat those challenges. 

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