With technology changing with each passing day, we need to evolve at a similar pace. Changes in technology also mean changes in how we perform a task or do work. Robotics is a domain in technology that is having a huge impact across industries and is shaping them in a certain way for the future. It is important then for future generations to learn robotics so that they are well versed in it. With changing times and circumstances, it is becoming ever more important for schools and other institutions to teach robotics. 

It is being increasingly recommended that schools at least start teaching certain robotics modules. Even if it is not possible in some cases, several institutions provide robotics classes for kids. However, antiquated methods cannot be employed to teach robotics, but rather newer, more engaging teaching practices are needed for that. Robotics is a skill that needs to be taught at the school level for better absorption of concepts from an early age. There have been renewed calls for robotics concepts to be included in the school curriculum itself. 

A robot can be described as a programmable machine that can be programmed to do specific tasks. Since a robot is programmable, it can be made to do complex jobs and perform complex tasks. This is the main benefit of a robot and the reason why it is being adopted so widely. Robots are being used so widely that in the automobile industry, for example, robots constitute close to 90% of the assembly line. Robotics is a field of technology that is directly concerned with the designing, construction, operation, and application of robots towards a specific task. 

One of the important advantages regularly highlighted by experts in the robotics field is that it encourages students to learn scientific and technological concepts. STEM, or Science, Engineering, Technology, and Management form an important part of the teaching curriculum in both schools and later on in colleges. However, at an early age, STEM concepts can seem like a bit much. In this case, robotics is particularly helpful as it helps teach those same concepts to students in a much more exciting and engaging manner. A robotics course can go a long way in igniting a renewed interest within a child to learn about STEM concepts and apply them.

Since robotics in itself is a programmable machine, during the initial stages of robot building, the students need to work in a variety of computer codes. The people building the robots have to build, run, and test their codes to perfection so that exact commands may be executed. This in turn helps the individuals building the robot to hone their coding skills to a large extent. So, while building robots, the coding credentials also get boosted by a significant margin. Robotics also helps in improving creative thinking in a person. Since robots are made to execute certain tasks, a person needs to be much more proactive about their thinking. This helps them improve their creative learning. It also helps them think out-of-the-box to look for good solutions.

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