When I was looking to enroll my child in coding classes just after the pandemic eased up a bit, I was faced with a lot of choices. There are multiple coding languages around, which one can learn. Many acquaintances of mine had pointed out to me the benefits that learning to code would do to my child. Indeed, coding is a very interactive process and the better one gets to know it, the better is it for their prospects. 

Personally speaking, I just wanted my child to learn a valuable skillset away from the usual school curriculum. Coding was a good way to do just that. There are several options in coding out there that can be classed as the best coding languages to learn. There are various workshops available that teach children various aspects of coding. They also try to get them interested in the whole process, while making coding as engaging and interesting as possible. 

Initially, I started to know more about Java and whether it was the ideal one. But some people who are well-versed in programming pointed out to me that although Java is functional, it was not the best for kids. The simple and animated design of the language along with the multifaceted experience is helpful to build problem-solving abilities in a child. In the end, I found that there is not a single best coding language per se, but rather the choice has to be based on the language that provides the most enjoyable experience along with learning.

Ultimately, I chose to enroll my child in a Python programming class. Multiple Institutes provide courses, teaching computer coding for kids. The reason for my choosing Python is that it is extremely straightforward. Also, as I am witnessing now, Python is highly interactive and my child has already taken a liking to the language. Python is also great for beginners, which was great for my child, as he did not have any previous programming background.

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